Rebranding Pens Meadow School

We were tasked with rebranding Pens Meadow School. The school wanted their new brand to project the strengths, values and mission of the school. Their key objective was to promote the school to prospective parents by upgrading prospectus material and as a first point of contact, create the emotion to generate interest.

Parents of children with special needs have the option to choose a school in the local authority that they believe meets their child's needs. Pens Meadow is a small, intimate school that supports children with complex needs to fulfil their potential with a dedicated staff team and wealth of resources, however, the aesthetics of the school are not comparable to a local school recently refurbished.

Project Goals

  • Tick
  • Tick Create a new brand for the school to take it forward with the expansion plans.
  • Tick Promote the ethos of the school though video
  • Tick Create a user friendly mobile responsive website for students, staff and parents.
  • Tick Increase communication between outreach staff and parents.
  • Tick Bring a professional image to prospectus collateral for new parents.

The video was created to show prospective parents the ethos of the school.

Parents stories were included telling why Pens Meadow School was the right choice for their child.

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“Before Angela worked with us our website was old fashioned and out of date. Angela provided us with knowledgeable advice. She brought a business approach, which as teachers, we hadn't considered. She also demonstrated an understanding of families needs. Angela and her team supported us in developing a new logo, colour scheme, and content. Angela helped us focus on priority areas which we needed to communicate to current parents but also to consider the website as a marketing tools to attract new parents. We now have a creative, interesting website which includes videos. We have a real working partnership with Onpage Media and are really happy with the services they provide.”

Marie Huner
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Pens Meadow
Family Outreach

The school has a family outreach department and they were looking for a way to make their communication more effective.

We create a second website which is accessed by over 100 parents each month and is invaluable in giving parents access to the wider community.

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